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Pervasive Btrieve File Repairs

File Repair Services for Pervasive Btrieve Files (Pricing)

Many software packages use Pervasive Btrieve files to store there data.  If your not sure if your file is a Pervasive Btrieve file you can send it to us and we will verify if it is or not.

We will review any file that you believe may be corrupt.  This is a no risk service.  If we cannot repair the file there is no charge. 

Some of the software packages that use Pervasive Btrieve: Peachtree, Lytec, Platinum Accounting and many many more. 

Key Benefits

We will get you back up and running fast!

No Risk.  You only make payment if you are satisfied with the results.

25 years experience.  We have developed tools that can repair the file even when you don't think it is possible.

Please see our testimonials showing the satisfaction of our clients.

If the file(s) zipped is less than 10MB you can email the file to me for review.  If it is larger I will provide a FTP site for you to upload the file.

Any questions please email