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File Repair Testimonials
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Your awesome.. The doctor is SOOO Happy. And I just emailed the software vendor to let them know what you did.. and how your SOOO much better then they are, and they should contact you if their clients get into a bind that their tools cannot handle!



GREAT ! it works ! good job !
We recovered all, nothing is missing ! Our customer will be happy and I hope he will now do backup regularly.  

For your information, the software assistance “tried” to recover  and were not able to recover anything.

 So many thanks and maybe we’ll have in the future others customers who don’t do backup of their accounting data software.

Have a nice day !


Thank you. You repaired our company to the point in time where the crash occurred, and you made yourself available over a weekend. We crashed Friday at close of business. By midmorning Monday we were back in operation, and did not have to rekey more than two or three transactions. And it did not matter that we were running a 4 year old version of the software. I would have bet against that outcome. I am far ahead of where I would have been if I had tried to use my Peachtree support contract to solve this problem.


Hi Gil -- it worked like a charm. I got your payment made, and thanks a lot. I really appreciate your effort! Let me know if I can write a ringing endorsement for you or anything!


Great...thanks again for the great service! We'll be in touch for future work.


It worked like a charm... many thanks...



Hi Gil

We received the file, replaced it & repaired the database as per your instructions, and it is working great! Thank you so much for your help!

Once again, your service is greatly appreciated and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who has similar issues with Btrieve-based products, and we will return for you assistance should we need it in the future.



they said it worked great. Can u pls send me the payment link?