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Easy Viewer for Microsoft Access

Now you can access the Microsoft Access files without having Access installed.

Key Benefits
     Easy to use interface 
     No need for Microsoft Access to be installed

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Please see Screen Shots below with descriptions of each page:

Below you select the Access file to open.  Once done you can select the table to view.  Below shows the Customers Table open and you can view the indexes and fields within the table.  Also you can select an Access Query and you will be able to view the SQL that is used to pull the data in.  See next screen shot for Grid View.


Below you see the Customer table with data shown.  Next grid shows the Edit/Record View.


Below is the screen shot that shows the screen to edit your data.  All of this is without Access being installed.  The next screen shot shows the Filter/Sort.


In this screen shot you can see how you add filters to restrict the resulting data.  The next screen shot shows how to print the table information.


Below you can see the table structure and print this out.  The last screen shot shows the export option.

By using the menu option File and Export you can export your Access data out to Excel.  Below shows the original data and the exported data inside Excel.