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BtSearch for Pervasive Btrieve File Databases with Export Import and DDF Creation

BtSearch has many features.  Below are a list of the features for BtSeach.

Download Now (Requires Pervasive Btrieve drivers to be installed, email with any questions on this.)

Zip Format Download (If you cannot download EXE format above)

Key Benefits

Create DDF (data dictionary files) files for existing Pervasive Btrieve files

Edit existing DDF files

Export your data to CSV or dBase

Create new files and add them to your existing set of DDF files.

View and print the data dictionary files

Search and edit data

Create supplimental indexes

Create pre-defined queries so you can automate exports

Create detailed query to restrict results

And More....

Download Now (Requires Pervasive Btrieve drivers to be installed)


Screen Shots:

Main screen of BtSearch.  Here you select the file you wish to work with. 

Note if you are building DDF files for existing files you will not have this until after you build the definitions.

In the second tab you can search, view and edit the data.  You can select the index to search on or create a detailed query by using the search icon below with the magnifing glass.

In the 3rd tab you select your export options if you wish to export your data.