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Software and Support for Pervasive Btrieve Files

Build Data Dictionary Files for existing files and export to CSV format

BtSearch for Pervasive Btrieve databases is still being sold and supported.

It will help you analyze the structure of Pervasive Btrieve files and build Data Dictionary Files if you do not already have them. 

BtSearch also exports the data to CSV and other formats.

Many software applications use Pervasive Btrieve as the database backend. 

You may download the un-registered version and try the software before you purchase. (You must have the Windows Pervasive Btrieve drivers.  If you do not have these email me and I'll provide additional information)

Some of our services are
building DDF files for clients that want to extract there data.  We also do file repairs for Pervasive Btrieve files. If you have a file that you cannot repair let us know and we will take a look at no charge. Only pay if the file can be repaired to your satisfaction.

We also provide other software for accessing Microsoft Access databases without the need for Access to be installed. 

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